Aragami 2 developer reveals character customization options

Aragami 2 allows cooperative play, so it will come with customization options to distinguish your character, which was officially revealed in the new developer statements, according to what was reported by the site. Gamingbolt .

In terms of formal customization, the player will have 11 different types of armor, including the head helmet, chest armor, and legs, in addition to weapons, and the player can combine these different types according to what he prefers to reach a distinctive appearance, and the player will have many options of colors to put on his armor.

This will be all the customization options for the formality does not affect the quality of the gameplay or give the player a privilege or something like that, but will be available for free for the player to choose the appearance he wants.

These will not be the only customization options, but the developer also talked about the possibility of equipping the shields with magical stones, which you find a way to collect at Sakura, so that each piece of armor can accommodate one magical stone.

Aragami 2 releases on September 17th for PC, home consoles, and Xbox Game Pass.

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