Arabian Endings game review

Simple and smart, fun and sad, these are the characteristics of the new Arabic game called “Endings” which took me in different forms of these four words and sometimes I passed a mixture of them before concluding it.

Once again, the Arab hands were not able to create a huge project, but despite that, they were able in the club games arena to present a distinctive title that did not feel bored throughout its experience.

Death is both simpler and more complicated

The artistic theme of the game and the design of its stages focus on the story of a young girl who tries to escape from death after her life ends in front of her mother’s crying, and while doing so, she will go through many adventures and maneuvers between death and life.

This is the simple summary of the events of the story, which you will not find verbal or intuitive expression for more than that in the game world, as it is devoid of dialogue texts or many movie scenes, but it helps you understand the events of the story through the use of quotes from philosophers and famous people about death and also by looking at the place surroundings and the way it is designed.

And because it is a simple Andy game, I liked this method very much in making the player more interested in understanding the surrounding environment and the reason for designing each area in this way, even though the design character is exaggerated in the manufacture of stages, meaning that most stages will look similar technically and formally, which is a common problem in games Simple clubs with a limited budget, so you may overlook it a little since the design itself was good and the developer does not ask the player a large amount of money for his game.

This means that the environments do not go out of the dark character and you will feel that they all revolve in one area, and perhaps this has a meaning in the heart of the poet or in this case in the heart of the developer because this is related to the events of the story and therefore again there are reasons that will make you lose sight of it.

Solving puzzles between life and death can be more fun than you think!

In terms of gameplay, the game is completely platform based on a two-dimensional design and there is no control mechanism other than jumping or running and interacting with some things in the stages.

At first, you will notice that the character’s response is smooth and you may forget after minutes of playing that it is a simple Andy game because you will find professionalism in designing the way it moves and interacts with the surroundings.

Although the control mechanism is simple and there are not many functions that the character can perform, the design of the stages takes full advantage of these simple mechanisms, they were designed in a way that does not make you feel simply the control mechanism much, and most of the time there are excellent and clever puzzles and obstacles (sometimes they can be bypassed by more than method) obviates the presence of unnecessary control mechanisms in this case, at least.

It should also be noted that the simplicity of the stages does not mean that they are easy, but in many cases difficult challenges await you because of which you will face a lot of loss before overcoming them, and fortunately there are save points in each stage so that you do not return to the starting point after each loss.

For just a few dollars, you’ll have fun from start to finish if you don’t mind the short duration of the fun.

In the stages there are also enemies that appear as moving obstacles that you will lose directly when you seek them, and a few of them pursue you in order to eliminate you if you cannot think of a smart way to get rid of them.

The game also has a small number of bosses, conflicts with them are smart maneuvers that you have to keep doing until you can get past the boss, the first boss in particular is the best and the most difficult, the second is easy and ends easily, so I wish there were more bosses in the game .

In addition, the biggest negative point in the game is its short duration, as I was able to finish all stages of the game (23 stages) within 3 and a half hours, after taking into account that I lost during the game more than 100 times (there is a special achievement for that which made me realize this number of losses) and therefore another player may be able to finish the game within a period of time even less, and in general this would have been a very big problem if the developer asked for a large or illogical amount of money, but for a few dollars you will get a non-boring enjoyment from the beginning Until the end if you don’t mind the short duration of this fun.

Since the control buttons are few, it is easy to memorize them after a few minutes and get used to them, but perhaps it would have been better if the developer had introduced the feature of changing the control buttons so that the player could choose what suits him.

Dark colors and great music

Although the game did not show realistic graphics or bright and high-quality graphic effects, it succeeded in one thing, and the most important thing is to revive the target artistic theme in a satisfactory way.

Where at least there is care in the design of models to make them look pleasing to the eye of the player who is accustomed to today’s games, and you will undoubtedly notice that the developer tried to take advantage of the technical theme to stay away from expensive graphic designs, or rather to stay away from things that would have made his game seem graphically weak.

In general, here it is worth remembering that it is not a game for those who love the superior graphic beauty in games and beautiful graphic effects, but what you will like most is the excellent artistic craftsmanship.

As for the technical performance, it is certain that the game will run smoothly and comfortably on most computers. Throughout the experiment, I did not encounter any problems in terms of performance. As for the technical errors, they are non-existent, with the exception of one error that appeared in the stage of “until death has a heart” when the character descended opposite the road. The one I want to go to caused confusion for a few minutes and the need to return to the save point, but despite that I was able to avoid the technical error and continue playing.

We also have some very good and satisfying sound effects and excellent music tracks that really pull you towards the events and I think the best of them is the reception music in the main menu.

The game user interface supports 10 languages ​​and is available via Steam .

With a fun gameplay system, intelligent design of the stages, an excellent artistic theme, and unforgettable music, we can say that we have found a new Arabic project that we can suggest to those interested in trying out a slightly dreary but fun platformer game if it weren’t for too short.

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