Apple’s October conference announcements

A set of rumors have surfaced around the October conference from Apple, and it seems that the company is announcing a bunch of new products and systems in it.

The announcements talk about a Mac-related conference, so Apple has delayed the launch of the Monterey system for now.

These ads remain rumors so far, as Apple has not officially confirmed the presence of the conference or new ads in it.

Announcing AirPods 3

AirPods Pro are Apple’s last wireless headphones, and they were released several years ago.

There have been many rumors and leaks about new wireless headphones from Apple that use AirPods Pro technologies and a new design.

These headphones come in the usual AirPods range instead of the Pro, so expect them to be a little lower in price.

MacBook Pro 14 inch and 16 inch

Everyone expects Apple to release new Mac Pro computers based on the new professional chip M1X.

Apple may also rely on a new design for the MacBook Pro computers, in addition to offering new options for computer sizes.

There have been a lot of rumors about the new chip and the new MacBook Pro computers as well, so everyone is expecting it to appear at the October event.

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New Mac mini computers

There are also rumors of a redesigned version of the new Mac mini, which is supposed to use Apple’s new professional processor.

There is not a lot of information or rumors about these computers, so we may not see them at this event.

It is expected that the new design will be similar to the new iMac computers in new youthful colors.

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New systems and applications at the October conference from Apple

It is also expected that Apple will release a set of updates for the current systems, which are iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1, in order to bring some of the features that have been delayed from them.

It is assumed that Apple will officially release the Monterey system for supported Mac computers, after delaying its launch date.

A range of Apple services that work well with phones are being updated, as Apple launches a new visual suite for Apple TV Plus.

This is in addition to updates to the Apple Fitness Plus app and new games on the premium Apple Arcade service.

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