Apple’s gaming revenue in 2019 exceeded the combined revenue of Nintendo, Sony, Activision and Xbox

In a new report from the newspaper The Wall Street Journal It turns out that Apple surprisingly outperformed the biggest gaming companies in 2019.

Where the report indicates that the company’s financial revenue from games only reached $ 8.5 billion during 2019, and this apparently exceeds all the combined revenues of huge game companies such as Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony and even the giant game publishing and development company Activision.

Most of this revenue comes from third-party games within its official mobile store, where as we know the company receives 30% of all app revenue in its store.

According to reports, the spending of players in the aforementioned store on mobile games reached $ 45 billion in fiscal year 2020, and the most spending was in China and the United States during that period, and interestingly, 1% of these players alone contributed Exceeds 64% of in-store sales by spending approximately $2,694 annually

It is worth noting that The Wall Street Journal obtained this information after a legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games, which Apple recently denied as inaccurate and exaggerated.

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