Apple’s auto ambitions face a setback

Ford has hired Apple’s head of automotive, Doug Field, to become its head of advanced technology and embedded systems.

According to press release from Ford Corporation. Field is accountable to the President and CEO of Ford, Jim Farley.

“Field is spearheading Ford’s efforts to develop the next generation of Blue Oval Intelligence Tech Stack to deliver intelligent, connected vehicles and services that improve over time through continuous updates,” Ford said.

Field was a vice president of special projects at Apple, where he was the de facto head of the company’s confusing effort known as Project Titan to build a self-driving electric car.

He previously worked at the iPhone manufacturer where he was the Vice President of Mac Hardware Engineering. But he left the company in 2013 to become Tesla’s chief vehicle engineer.

On top of that, he helped oversee the development of the Model 3. He left Tesla in 2018 and returned to Apple.

His departure is the latest setback for the company’s automotive division, which has undergone numerous changes over the past several years.

Although the project started in 2014. However, work on the electric self-driving car is still at an early stage. that according to reported Bloomberg Agency in January.

This approach represented a change from the previous plan to develop self-driving software that could be used by other automakers, which was itself a change from trying to build a car.

“We are grateful for the contributions Doug has made to the company and wish him all the best in this next chapter,” an Apple spokesperson said in a statement.

It is not clear who will replace Feld. This is despite the fact that the company appointed Ulrich Kranz, the former BMW executive who worked on the development of the i8 hybrid sports car and the i3 electric sports car, to work under Feld’s management in June.

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Apple’s auto ambitions face a setback

Krans recently resigned as CEO of Canoo, the electric car startup he co-founded. Apple was interested in acquiring Canoo in 2020.

John Gianandrea, the company’s senior vice president for machine learning and artificial intelligence, in December reportedly became responsible for Apple’s efforts in the field of cars.

Field joins Ford as the company is steadily building its electric vehicle efforts. Most notably with the Ford F-150 Lightning, an all-electric version of the hugely popular pickup truck. Plus an all-electric Mustang.

Additionally, the company is rallying behind a business plan it calls Ford Plus. It intends to create more cars that are fully connected to the network and can be retrofitted over the air.

Ford also said Google’s Android system powers the infotainment systems in millions of its cars. This is starting from 2023.

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