Apple Watch volume control

The Apple Watch produces a variety of sounds, either for alerts or in response to various Siri commands.

Users may find some of these sounds a little loud, especially if they haven’t owned a smartwatch before.

You can control the clock’s volume, and you can lower or raise the volume as you see fit, but not directly.

This is because the audio settings are saved to the watch and remain in place until you go back to this method to re-change it.

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Apple Watch volume control

Apple divides the sounds generated by your Apple Watch into two parts, and the first section contains all the sounds.

The second section contains only the sounds that come from Siri, so you have to change the pitch of the two sections.

Control all clock sounds except for Siri

You have to head to the Settings app on your watch, and then head to Sounds & Feedback.

And then you choose the degree of loudness indicator for the sound of alerts, and you can control it via the physical button on the watch.

Siri volume control with Apple Watch

You can control the volume of Siri by going to the Settings app, then going to select Siri, and then choosing the volume and loudness of the speaker in Siri settings.

After that you press the volume button and move the physical button on the watch to increase or decrease the volume.

And you can lower the watch’s volume directly and quickly by going to the watch’s command interface and choosing the bell button that makes the watch work in silent mode.

Types of sounds made by the clock

The watch can produce a variety of sounds, which range from alerts and bells to calls and Siri.

The watch sends a set of sound alerts when you receive a new alert in your phone, or sends you a new alert for an alarm or timer that you previously set.

Siri also responds with its own voice to your voice commands, and Siri voice commands are a convenient way to control your Apple Watch.

So you may want to turn the clock down a bit when going to various quiet or formal places.

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