Apple overcomes the problems of manufacturing its smartwatch

Apple has overcome production issues with its Series 7 smartwatch and begins mass-producing the new model in mid- to late September, with a launch later in the same month and still on schedule, according to to note New investor presented by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

“The Series 7 production problem is mainly related to the board side,” Kuo said. However, it has been resolved, and mass production of the panel modules begins in mid-September.

The ‌Series 7‌ has a new design with a flat appearance similar to the flat edges used on the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro. According to the analyst, the new Apple smartwatch had to go through more production operations than previous models because of this change in design.

Specifically, the new, more durable screen uses a contact design instead of the old cable design, and also requires the LIPO process for the first time.

The company is also using a new OLED production line that can improve efficiency and reduce screen costs. However, this requires the inclusion of new suppliers such as LGF, Young Poong and Jabil, which in itself could have contributed to the delay.

“Because many new production processes related to the monitor were adopted for the first time, the Series 7 monitor encountered reliability issues during the risk-increasing phase before Jabil began mass production,” Koo said. Mainly including the flashing screen and touch sensitivity. This complex production problem may be related to LGD, Jabil or Young Poong.

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Apple overcomes the problems of manufacturing its smartwatch

The company solved display unit reliability issues by conducting various DOE experiment designs to find the best production configuration and adjusting qualification criteria on both sides of the display and assembly.

“We expect Jabil to begin mass production of Series 7 display units in mid-September,” Kuo said in the note.

Based on this new schedule, the analyst says the final product will begin mass shipping in late September.

Bloomberg previously reported that production issues due to a more complex design meant that the Series 7 launch would be delayed.

Separately, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gorman recently mentioned that the device may be available in limited quantities at launch. Gorman reiterated this in a tweet after the analyst’s last investor note.

In his note, Koo also indicated his optimism about the 2022 Series 8 shipments, given that the series introduces new health management features such as temperature measurement.

It represents A reference to the recently reported thermometer functionality that Apple is said to be considering adding to the device as soon as next year.

The company plans to unveil the redesigned watch along with the iPhone 13 lineup at its September 14 event.

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