Apple needs three years to introduce a new feature in the iPhone

Apple needs a long period of time before it can start introducing a new feature in one of its products. Including iPhones. This is because the new features and additions to the operating system need to go through many stages until they finally reach the user.

Perhaps Apple’s noticeable delay in providing new and required features has made it subject to a great deal of criticism. According to one of the managers in the company, the introduction of a completely new feature within the iPhone requires up to three years of work.

That is, Apple needs that long period to move from the preparation and production stages to the quantitative manufacturing stages. And according to the company’s vice president of camera hardware engineering, the company took a long time to develop iPhone 13 cameras.

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Besides, the company starts preparing and developing updates very long before they are sent out. This includes updating and upgrading the phone’s hardware as well. The main objective of this period is to reach the best possible quality and performance.

It is expected that the iPhone phones will witness major updates in the following years. And that’s after the leaks that showed Apple’s intention to provide a complete redesign of the iPhone 14, especially in terms of the screen and the top bump.

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Apple takes a long time to develop features

The iPhone 14 releases are surrounded by a plethora of leaks and expectations. And this is despite the fact that the versions of the iPhone 13 did not pass by only three weeks. But the big change in the next generation is what increases the interest of users.

This is where expectations have indicated that the new phones will come with a screen without a notch, and with a fingerprint sensor built into the screen instead of Face ID technology. This is while some sources have discussed the idea of ​​adding Face ID components at the bottom of the screen.

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Perhaps Apple is in dire need of changing the design, whether for the screen or the back. But in terms of internal specifications, the company offers the fastest processors in the world, as well as more than enough storage and random memories. The company is often criticized for using the same design for three years.

It is also reported that Apple has been developing its foldable phone for a long time, and this is according to the leaks, but it is unlikely that it will be announced during the next year, but rather it will most likely come in 2024.

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