Apple may release a new version of the MagSafe charging disk

Apple may have a new version of its MagSafe charging disk on the way. show List The new FCC Magnetic Charger accessory with a new model name A2548 looks otherwise identical to the company’s existing charger A2140.

Although the list does not show how the new version improves over its predecessor, it does include device testing information.

The new charger has been tested using a variety of devices including four brand new phones, which are definitely compatible with the iPhone 13 models expected from the company.

There aren’t many hints of what’s new in official FCC documents.

Reports indicate that it has been tested with all four current iPhone 12 models (branded as an old phone). In addition to four unannounced devices. Which indicates that this new MagSafe charger should be compatible with both generations.

The company has listed the A2176, A2172, A2341 and A2342 models that are compatible with the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max respectively.

There is also a diagram of using the disk to charge a pair of AirPods. And that’s something the current MagSafe charger can technically do. That’s although it won’t magnetically attach to the AirPods case as it does with the latest iPhones.

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Apple may release a new version of the MagSafe charging disk

indicated rumors Previous reports that this year’s iPhones could have stronger magnets built into their backs, which could benefit from a modified MagSafe charger design.

There was also talk of a file Greater wireless charging, and speculation that this may allow for increased wattage, and therefore faster charging, which may again require an updated charging disk.

This is probably a minor revision that functionally matches what is already on the market. It is something that reports have noted that the iPhone manufacturer has done in the past.

Either way, we probably won’t have to wait long to find out. The company is widely expected to announce new iPhones this month. Perhaps as soon as next week.

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