Apple makes it easy to delete accounts linked to third-party apps

Ask Apple is among the developers that offer a way to create accounts in their apps will also offer a way to delete them, starting with app submissions on January 31, 2022, the company said.

The account deletion requirement was originally announced along with several other changes in the company’s developer guidelines at WWDC 2021.

Deleting the account is simple. But given how often apps require accounts and how easy it is to delete the app without terminating your relationship with the company it’s associated with, that’s welcome.

In an update posted on its developer site, the company announced that it will soon begin promoting an update posted through the App Store review guidelines back in June that states that all apps that allow account creation must also allow users to start deleting their account from within the app.

In many cases, application developers design account deletion mechanisms to ensure that the process is as difficult as possible. Oftentimes, users will be deliberately pushed to a browser form or directed to send an email in order to begin deleting their account.

It’s important to note that the company’s language is somewhat vague here, however “start” may mean that apps are required to initiate the in-app deletion process. But it allows it to have users chase it down in order to make sure it happens.

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Apple tells apps to make it easier to delete your account

The new requirement comes on the heels of other recently announced updates to the App Store Guidelines. Including promoting the application of repetitive manipulative, misleading or other fraudulent conduct, fraud and other application quality concerns.

Apple is also moving to reduce communication apps that may contain pornographic material or be used to facilitate prostitution. Plus apps that facilitate the legal sale of cannabis. which should now be geographically restricted in accordance with the law of the jurisdiction.

In addition to the new guidelines, the company recently introduced a new and improved “Report a Problem” button, which has been gone for years. But now he’s back.

And with the new button, users can more easily alert the company to apps that appear to be scams. Whereas the previous system only allowed users to report a “quality problem”.

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