Apple lets you report scams in the App Store

Apple now lets you directly report a fraudulent app from its App Store list with a new and improved “Report a Problem” button.

The button is back in individual app menus for the first time in years and now includes a dedicated “Report a scam” option in the drop-down menu.

And before iOS 15 arrived, the only way you could find this button was to scroll down to the bottom of the Apps or Games tab in the App Store, and go to a website where you needed to sign back in.

Then, you can choose from “Report suspicious activity,” “Report a quality issue,” “Request a refund,” or “Find my content.”

None of the options offered a clear way to report a scam. The “Report suspicious activity” option will redirect you to Apple Support instead. The company will only allow you to report a “quality issue” if you have paid the money (and thus fallen into the scam).

But now every free app with in-app purchases offers a “report a problem” option. Although the process continues to take you to a website where you need to log in. But overall this seems like a step forward.

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Apple brings back the report a problem button

The big question is whether the company might take action on those reports. Apple has 500 human reviewers for apps, compared to 15,000 content moderators at Facebook, 20,000 at Google and 2,200 at Twitter.

And there may be some movement on this front as well, as the company has started by hiring for the position of ASI investigator on September 8th. They are the people responsible for investigating fraudulent apps and trends, as well as the developers involved.

Apple is certainly listening to the latest wave of anger around the App Store. In addition to a variety of small mandatory waivers in the wake of judicial and regulatory scrutiny. The company started by letting users review its apps that come with every iPhone.

The App Store previously did not allow users to rate or review Apple’s built-in iPhone and iPad apps. Such as mail, music, news, stocks and calculator. However, the company has lifted this restriction since the release of iOS 15 earlier this month.

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