Apple Hybrid AR/VR glasses require an iPhone to use

It has previously been reported that there are distinct glasses that Apple is working on that will have hybrid technologies that combine virtual reality and augmented reality in one mold.

And now in new report Interesting new information has been revealed, which is that the upcoming glasses will not work on their own, but rather need another product from Apple, most likely it will be an iPhone, or the company may give users the option to own an iPad instead.

Or another Apple device, like an iPad.

It is said in the report that the reason is the nature of the work of the glasses, as they depend on a wireless connection with the main device on which it depends in its work, which in this case is an iPhone or another product from Apple, in addition to the fact that the chip used inside the glasses is not high in capabilities and suitable enough compared to other devices the other company.

We are awaiting an official comment from the company about the report, and until that time we have nothing to confirm the veracity of the information.

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