Apple event emphasized its main focus on streaming

Apple’s product event revolved around the iPhone, iPad, and its latest generation smartwatch. But he also emphasized the company’s growing push to control broadcasting.

The company wasted no time on Tuesday in View its list The rapidly expanding, award-winning original on Apple TV Plus, CEO Tim Cook kicked off the California Streaming event with a series of specials this fall and titles coming soon.

And Cook has given a nod to more than 130 wins and 500 nominations for original film and series awards for the service since its launch in 2019.

He talked about the success of the Ted Lasso series, which recently broke a record of 20 Emmy nominations. And Apple TV Plus received 35 total nominations for all of its titles, which is rather impressive for a service less than two years old.

And for a hardware event that didn’t have much to share beyond what’s coming to Apple TV Plus in the near future, much of which has been announced, the company’s decision to spend a good chunk of time highlighting its upcoming content slate once again proved it’s serious about growing the Apple TV Plus service. broadcasting.

The company is reportedly poised to make changes even further as it continues to expand its franchises and assets.

reported Reports The company plans to dramatically increase its production of new TV shows and movies to at least one per week. To promote its titles, Apple could spend more than $500 million on marketing the service.

Apple releases iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 on September 20

Apple event emphasized its main focus on streaming

The company is not only expanding its library. Rather, it is unlocking new ways for its users to stream content from devices within its ecosystem, with SharePlay, one of the most exciting such features to come to Apple devices running iOS 15. Although it won’t debut with the initial rollout. But instead in a future update.

Even so, SharePlay, a monitoring tool that allows the company’s users to stream content from Apple as well as other services together in real time, was promoted throughout yesterday’s product event.

And it looks like the company was busy expanding this feature before it was officially launched as well. When it was announced in June, more than a dozen apps were said to support the tool, including Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, MasterClass, Paramount Plus, Pluto TV, TikTok and Twitch.

And that list has been expanded with Comedy Central, Showtime, Spotify, Starz and more appearing in a segment about SharePlay’s video and music streaming partners.

This list should continue to grow before the official debut of the feature. The company said in June that SharePlay is available to any streaming partner who wants to support it.

Despite all the awards you’ve won. The company still has many hurdles to overcome if it hopes to take on Netflix and Disney.

And her library needs to get bigger and faster, if she’s hoping to maintain subscribers after the free trial runs out.

She also has to figure out a way to create more buzz for her series to get viewers excited about her before she debuts on the service.

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