Apple earns more from games than PlayStation and Xbox

Apple has taken a great interest in gaming in recent years. This has been demonstrated with Apple Arcade service which allows the user a variety of high-quality games on a simple monthly subscription, and besides that, MacBooks are on their way to get a huge graphics performance boost with the M1X chipset.

and according to to analyze According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has made a net profit of $8.5 billion from the gaming industry in just 12 months. Those profits were equal to the profits of Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Activision combined.

Since Apple is in a legal battle with Epic Games, its lawyers have denied this statistic, explaining that the numbers are less than that. This is because a large portion of that revenue comes from Apple’s percentage of in-game sales on the App Store.

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And gaming apps dominate the lists of best-selling apps. This is also clearly shown in the results of the App Store, as well as the Google Play Store. For example, games dominate the list of the ten best-selling apps on the Play Store.

In addition, the company generated $45 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2020 only through the App Store, with Apple receiving 30% of all these payments.

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Apple earnings from gaming

The American giant deducts a large percentage of the payments as mentioned above. This is because 30% of any amount paid goes directly to the company. Taking $45 billion in total revenue into account, 30% of it is $13.5 billion.

This shows that the Wall Street analysis that it has generated $8.5 billion in profits makes a lot of sense despite opposition from the company’s lawyers.

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The Cupertino giant’s profits from the gaming field exceed the profits of large and specialized companies. Nor do they spend as much in exchange for those profits as gaming companies such as Sony or Microsoft. In addition, Apple owns the Apple Arcade service, which generates great income.

The Arcade service is constantly updated. The game also includes exclusive high-quality games available for all the company’s devices and products, from the iPhone to the MacBook, iPad, and others.

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