Apex Legends developer announces removal of controversial move technology

A movement technique in Apex Legends has sparked a wide debate from players because it gives the player an advantage in the speed of movement and attention, especially on personal computers, as it is not possible to implement the tap-strafing movement on home platforms, which increased the controversy over the topic.

Finally, developer Respawn decided to make its final decision and officially announce the removal of this movement technique from the game entirely, after much discussion and thought, as he put it, he came to the fact that it is a movement that is not available to all players and cannot be maneuvered by competing players or read correctly.

Although the developer made this decision, the controversy on the topic did not end, but many players expressed their dissatisfaction with this removal decision via RedditIn their opinion, removing this movement technique will negatively affect players through computers, especially those who rely on movement in their playing strategy.

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