Announcing a new popular culture event in the Middle East

Waverider, a Dubai-based entertainment company, today announced POPC Live!, a pop culture event that will feature esports tournaments, pop culture sessions, YouTube celebrity appearances, as well as concerts, workshops and more.

Waverider is led by Arafat Ali Khan who is well known in the industry, who has worked on various projects such as Middle East Film, Comic Con and more. Arafat mentioned in Press release issued by the Dubai Media Office:

“I am delighted to once again have the opportunity to develop the largest pop culture event in the region. The festival features celebrities and prominent brands from around the world, and focuses on creativity, a true sense of community and delivering the best content. At Waverider, our focus is on fresh content and intellectual property from the region and into the region. POPC Live! will be one of the many exciting events planned in the coming months.”

Fans looking to compete can look forward to the Expanded Esports District, which will feature well-known and well-known names from the gaming and entertainment sector. The list of tournaments includes some well-known games including PUBG Mobile, League of Legends and DOTA 2. In addition to that, attendees can also expect to see the best international teams compete in different tournaments for a prize money of millions of dirhams.

The event will also host the GirlGamer World Finals as well as several community tournaments organized by Galaxy Racer. In this context, Paul Roy, CEO of Galaxy Racer said:

We are excited to partner with Waverider, one of the pioneers of popular culture events in the region, by organizing POPC Live! in Dubai. This experience, along with our expertise in gaming and esports, content creators and a relationship with the global GirlGamer Esports Festival, means that this event will be the largest celebration of popular culture, gaming and esports the region has seen.

Besides esports tournaments, attendees can also experience various events within the mainstream pop culture event such as Artists’s Alley, Cinema Club, Meet-and-Greetes and more.

The event will host an impressive array of regional and international music acts, as well as being home to game publishers, comic houses, doll companies, and movie and series brands in the exhibitor area.

POPC Live events are scheduled to start! In March of next year, but the exact launch dates of the event and even the details of the venue have not yet been revealed, and we will share them with you later, of course.

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