Andy Garcia joins the cast of Expendables 4

The Expendables series has always been characterized by a lot of Hollywood stars, especially action and thriller filmmakers, with the announcement of the fourth part and the reveal of the return of “Sylvester Stallone”, “Jason Statham”, “Dolph Lundgren” and “Randy Couture” with the actor The famous singer “50 Cent” and “Tony Jaa” also joined the cast. Here we meet the next character during the events of Expendables 4.

After it was announced that Megan Fox had joined the film’s cast and was the youngest member of the film crew, American actor Andy Garcia joined the convoy. according to For The Hollywood Reporter Garcia has joined the aforementioned cast in the film, which is expected to begin production in October.

The report indicated that “Garcia” will play the role of a CIA agent whose mission will be to accompany the Expendables on their next dangerous mission. This is Garcia’s second experience with the movie’s hero, Jason Statham, after Wrath of Man, which was shown this year.

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