Andrew Marr ends his last show on Sunday morning with a reference to his “teacher” Ron Burgundy

Andrew Marr quoted a line from his “teacher,” broadcaster Ron Burgundy as he exited the last episode of his Sunday morning political programme.

The 62-year-old veteran presenter is leaving the BBC after 21 years, including 16 years as the long-running host of the main programme.

With special guests Sajid Javid, Sadiq Khan and David Tennant on The Today Show, Mar ended the show by referring to Will Ferrell’s character in the 2004 comedy and quoting the famous phrase, “Stay stylish in San Diego.”

He is set to join LBC and Classic FM after saying he is “keen” to regain his “own voice” and will now focus on presenting political and cultural radio programming and writing for newspapers.

Marr, who is a father of three, married to fellow political journalist Jackie Ashley, 67 and earns up to £33,999 a year at the BBC, added that his leaving to join the owners of LBC Global would give him ‘new freedom’ to practice journalism with. without a filter.

Andrew Marr (pictured) quoted a line from his Anchorman “teacher” Ron Burgundy as he exited the final episode of his Sunday morning political show.

He said the famous phrase

Said the famous phrase “Stay Classy San Diego” by Ron Burgundy, played by Will Ferrell in the 2004 comedy Anchorman.

As the BBC program drew to a close, he said: ‘It’s over, I’ve been so fortunate and privileged to share so much of my Sunday morning with you.

“These shows are never about just the name on the packaging but also about the amazing team behind them, so as the headlines kick off, take a moment today to take a look at the names of all the people who really made it happen.”

Quoting his “teacher” Ron Burgundy, Mar added, “I’ve been wondering how to finish this last show, but I could do no better than to cite my great mentor: ‘Stay classy, ​​San Diego.'”

One user wrote on Twitter: “Mentor… Anchorman Ron Burgundy, great autograph for Andrew”

Another added, “I don’t think any of us expected him to say that.”

Sophie Raworth will tentatively take over The Andrew Marr Show on BBC One’s leading Sunday programme.

The 53-year-old will be a temporary presenter from January 9 after the veteran hack said last month that he would be ditching LBC and Classic FM.

The BBC said it would make the offer “for a short period” while the recruitment process for a permanent applicant was in progress.

MailOnline understands Global will pay Marr at least £500,000 a year for his new role, although the Leicester Square-based network has declined to confirm this.

Industry experts said LBC would be “a great home for Andrew as he won’t have to abide by the BBC’s strict rules of neutrality”. It comes after Marr hinted in May that he may be leaving the BBC due to his “inability to speak in your voice”.

Sophie Raworth (pictured) will temporarily take over The Andrew Marr Show on BBC One's leading Sunday programme

Sophie Raworth (pictured) will temporarily take over The Andrew Marr Show on BBC One’s leading Sunday programme

Andrew Marr will be presenting new radio shows on LBC and Classic FM starting next year

Andrew Marr will be presenting new radio shows on LBC and Classic FM starting next year

The Glasgow-born veteran broadcaster joined the BBC in May 2000 as a political editor and subsequently spent 16 years at the helm of his Sunday morning special.

Global said Marr will be presenting new shows on LBC and Classic FM, a new weekly broadcast on Global Player, and will also write a regular column for LBC’s website.

His exit comes as BBC political editor Laura Koensberg is said to be in discussions about leaving her role to become a presenter on Radio 4 on Today’s Radio.

Jon Sobel is the favorite 6/4 to replace her, with former political editors such as Marr and Nick Robinson moving to other BBC presenting jobs.

In the last month, Sarah Smith was appointed as the BBC’s new North America editor, succeeding Sobel, and Marr’s departure suggests hiring moves can continue.

Mar tweeted previously: ‘Personal announcement. After 21 years, she decided to switch from BBC. I leave behind many happy memories and wonderful colleagues.

But since the New Year, I’ve been turning to Global to write and present political and cultural shows, and write for newspapers.

I think British politics and public life will go through an even more turbulent decade, and as I said, I’m eager to get my voice back.

“I’ve been doing the Andrew Marr Show every Sunday morning every Sunday for 16 years now, and that’s probably more than enough time for anyone!”

In a statement issued by Global, Mar added: “Coming to Global gives me a new freedom – to do fast-paced, very regular political journalism on LBC without a filter, with my entire vote.

At Classic FM I will explore my love for classical music, and culture in general, with some surprising guests. I feel like I’ve joined an ambitious and hungry young company and can’t wait to get stuck in.

Marr received an annual BBC salary of £339,999 in the year 2020/2021 for his work on The Andrew Marr Show, Radio 4’s Start the Week, BBC One documentaries and Election Night.

This is down from a salary of £364,999 in 2019/2020, to £394,999 in 2018/19.

Speaking of Andrew Marr’s departure from the BBC, Director General Tim Davey said in a statement: ‘Andrew Marr was an accomplished journalist and presenter during his time at the BBC.

He left an unparalleled legacy of high profile political interviews and programmes. We wish him success in the next chapter.

Other colleagues at the BBC, including Newsnight’s policy editor Louis Goodall, were among those to congratulate Marr on his long career at the company.

Goodall wrote: “What a huge loss to BBC Andrew but what an incredible contribution over a long period of time,” Goodall wrote. Good luck with the new gig.

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