Amazon plans to increase proactive supervision across AWS

Amazon plans to take a more proactive approach to identifying and forcing the removal of the types of content that violate its cloud service policies, such as rules against promoting violence, according to the company. to report It was published by Reuters.

The move is likely to renew debate about how much power tech companies should have to restrict free speech.

Over the coming months, the company is recruiting a small group of people into the AWS division to develop expertise and work with external researchers to monitor future threats.

Experts say this could turn Amazon, the world’s leading provider of cloud services with a 40 percent market share, into one of the world’s most powerful arbiters of online content.

Amazon said it does not plan to pre-review content before it is published on the platform. But she refused to confirm or deny the details. However, the company published a strongly worded statement directly objecting that the team’s methodology may change.

The e-commerce giant denied reports that it is proactively supervising content through its hosting service.

A company spokesman said: Reuters reports wrong. The AWS Trust and Security teams have no plans to change policies or processes, and the team is always there.

The proactive approach to content comes after Amazon removed social media app Parler from its cloud service shortly after the January 6 riots for allowing content that promoted violence.

An AWS spokesperson said: “The AWS Trust and Security teams work to protect AWS customers, partners, and Internet users from entities attempting to use our services for abusive or illegal purposes.

When the AWS Trust and Security teams are notified of illegal behavior across AWS services, they act quickly to investigate and engage with customers to take appropriate action.

The spokesperson added that the AWS Trust and Security teams do not pre-review content hosted by customers. As AWS continues to expand, we expect this team to continue to grow.

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Amazon plans to increase proactive supervision across AWS

Amazon has always maintained the AWS Acceptable Use Policy. That prohibits the use of the Service for computer hacking, spam, or promoting violence or other crimes. But the enforcement of these terms often relies on external user reports to identify prohibited content.

While the policy itself will not change, the strict stewardship approach puts AWS in the same category as major platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

Terrorism researchers have previously called for a more proactive approach from hosting platforms. They said: “Companies should proactively monitor what is on their platforms to ensure they are not inadvertently hosting it.”

The move follows a similar shift from Apple. which recently announced a system to proactively search for child abuse images in iCloud Photos.

The new hires are part of a broader recruitment drive by CEO Andy Gacy. who was previously responsible for AWS.

Gacy plans to hire up to 55,000 new employees. Including a significant expansion of the company’s satellite Internet ambitions under Project Kuiper.

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