Amazon opens its doors in Egypt

In 2005, “” website appeared for the first time and was able over the following years to achieve a great spread inside Egypt and to become the most important digital store in Egypt, as it contains many products that exceeded 8.4 million various commodities, which attracted the global Amazon company to buy “” and entering the Egyptian market to be its first entry not only in Egypt but also in Africa.

Indeed, in March 2017, the giant Amazon officially acquired the “” store, with a deal estimated at between 580 to 650 million dollars. Over the past period, the company began preparing its logistics headquarters inside Egypt, and after it did so and began training merchants in Egypt.

And here is Amazon officially opening its doors today in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Today, the doors of “” and its website were officially closed, and it was officially transferred to “Amazon Egypt”, which now contains a lot of products, and Amazon is supposed to start providing its own products for the store during the coming period, which is certainly a good step, especially And it is the first presence of the giant Amazon in Africa.

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