Amazon launches a new gifting feature for Prime subscribers

Launched Amazon has a new gifting feature that lets Prime subscribers send gifts to others using just an email address or phone number — no address required.

Gift givers must be Amazon Prime members, and the program is limited to the continental US and can only be used on mobile devices at this time.

Although the company has included some guarantees – the gift giver will never have access to the recipient’s mailing address. But the feature seems abuseable.

The feature is useful if you want to give a gift to someone and you don’t know the recipient’s mailing address. But you own the email address or phone number of the recipient.

The gift giver selects the gift via the Amazon mobile app, and selects the “Add gift receipt for easy return” options during check-out. The option “Allow the recipient to provide his address” appears. The giver then adds the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number.

At this point, the gift card is not charged. But the purchase amount is held via his payment card. The recipient then receives a notification – via text message or email – that a gift is waiting for them.

If the recipient does not have an Amazon account, they can create one at this point. The recipient must have an Amazon account to accept the gift. But the giver must be a Prime member.

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A new feature from Amazon to get more members

The recipient can click the notification from the company to reveal what the gift giver has sent, then they can decide whether to decline the gift, accept the gift but convert it to an Amazon Gift Card — the gift giver will not be notified — or accept the gift as is.

If the recipient accepts the gift, the giver’s payment card will be charged. Whereas, if the recipient ignores the gift notice, it expires in a few days, and the gift giver gets their money back.

There is no mechanism for Company members to opt out of this new service. Amazon’s position is that if the recipient doesn’t want the gift, they can decline it or ignore the notification.

The company said that not everything that Amazon sells qualifies for the new gifting feature. But millions of items are eligible. Eligible items include products sold by the company and third-party sellers via its platform.

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