Amazon is working on a rival Steam version called Vapor

Amazon is working on a game store that directly competes with the popular Steam store and is coming under the title Vapour, according to media reports such as a report PC Gamer Which was based on its coverage on a tweet in Twitter It claims to monitor data from the recent major Twitch leak.

In this data, what reveals the existence of an application called Vapour and also confirms the existence of a compatibility mechanism with Twitch to be able to buy games digitally, and this will be the first official store for games from the giant company, and thus it has entered the video game market from all its doors through the Amazon Prime service and a private studio for developing the games.

It is also said in the leaks that the new store has a mechanism called Vapeworld that may be a 3D chat that allows the use of emoji, but other than that is not very clear so far.

Interestingly, the PC Gamer report reminds us of an old patent for the company that appeared in 2017 and tells about a system to follow the broadcast of video games and the possibility of joining them via the option to buy them digitally directly and of course download them, and therefore this may be the most accurate and correct description of the Vapour store.

In any case, there are still no official comments about the game.

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