Amazon is building a live audio business

invest Amazon is heavily into a new live audio feature similar to other live audio offerings like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and the new Spotify Live audio platform.

As with the company’s efforts in podcasting and music subscriptions, the e-commerce giant sees live audio as a way to enhance the types of content it can offer through its Alexa voice assistant and smart speaker products.

The effort, led by Amazon’s music division, includes paying podcasters, musicians and celebrities to use the feature for talks, shows and live events.

The idea is that users can access concerts or live shows through their Amazon Music accounts. The company is communicating with major record labels about live audio events with artists.

And the feature is created to focus on live music. But the tech giant is also looking to talk shows and podcasts as an extension of that effort.

It was previously reported that the company is looking to invest in local podcast content, such as news and sports.

The company bought podcast subscription company Wondery for $300 million last year.

Amazon also plans to integrate live audio into its Twitch live video service.

Live voice services proliferated during the pandemic, and have since seen significant investment from Silicon Valley.

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Amazon is building a live audio business

Clubhouse said users create more than 700,000 live audio rooms each day, up from 300,000 in May.

Spotify earlier this year acquired Betty Labs, an app developer, and a live audio app developed by Betty Labs called Locker Room.

Spotify has since launched Greenroom, a live social audio app focused on talking, music and sports, and has also launched a live concert feature.

Twitter rolled out live audio events with tickets for its Spaces feature. Earlier this year, Facebook launched a slew of audio products, including a live audio app that could rival Clubhouse called Live Audio Rooms.

This year, Discord also launched Stage Channel, a feature for voice-only chat rooms. But Amazon isn’t looking to build a vocal social network like Clubhouse. You want a radio-like digital tool for broadcasting live shows and talks.

While that probably includes podcasts and talk radio shows. The company is mostly focused on music and events at the moment.

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