Amazon Egypt officially launched and started its services

Amazon Egypt services officially launched at a surprising date for everyone, as the company was It previously announced that it plans to launch before the end of the year.

This step came to complete the transformation of the brand to Amazon in the Arab region. This is after the acquisition that took place in 2017.

The company announced in the launch statement that it intends to display millions of products from the best and most important international companies through its Amazon Egypt platform.

The company also intends to transport products manufactured by Egyptian hands and display them in its international stores. This is in a move to support the Egyptian economy.

The company confirmed that the Egypt site will not differ much in its services from the global Amazon sites. It promises to provide a safe shopping experience in which you get guaranteed and authentic products as well as fast and reliable delivery services.

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The Amazon Egypt experience rises to Amazon’s global standards

The company gradually launched several sites in the Arab region, where the Amazon Emirates site appeared at the beginning, then Amazon Saudi Arabia, and now Amazon Egypt.

Through the Amazon UAE or Saudi Arabia portal, you can shop from Amazon global sites and get products through the company.

This means that you order the product and pay all its dues through the Amazon UAE portal without dealing with international shipping companies and regulatory issues regarding global shipping.

It is not known whether Amazon Egypt provides the same service or not, as the company has not yet addressed this matter. Not only did Amazon launch the Egypt website and the Egypt app as well, but it also acquired the stores of Souq. com and change its name to Amazon Egypt.

The company has Opening a large store in the tenth city From Ramadan in Sharkia Governorate, Egypt. The warehouse is located on an area of ​​28 thousand square meters.

Amazon’s investments amount to more than one billion pounds, and the company provides more than 3,000 jobs around the country.

The company also plans to open a new store in Beni Suef Governorate in the coming period to cover all geographical areas and reduce the expected shipping time for products.

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The company transfers all accounts of customers and merchants registered on the Souq website. old com to new amazon.

This means that you can log into Amazon through your old Souq account, whether you are a merchant or a buyer.

You will find all your old transactions and related amounts and everything related to your old account in the new account. And you can communicate with customer service representatives throughout the day to solve problems even with old accounts.

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