Amazon does a lot for Ambient Intelligence

Ambient intelligence is seen by professionals as the future of current technologies. In 2017, Walt Mossberg mentioned it in one of his writings, but so far this field has not begun to spread and expand, but on the other hand, Amazon is racing in it strongly.

Many companies are working on developing and relying on ambient intelligence. But Amazon’s head of hardware, Dave Limp, has been working hard on this technology the most, and that’s clearly shown in Amazon’s recently announced line-up of products.

Ambient intelligence is about having computers around the user at all times. This leads to the emergence of what is known as a hidden computer. And Amazon has done it well, as its new smart home products can take you everywhere.

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The American giant offered a range of products that revolve mainly around ambient intelligence technologies, and not just smart home devices. As mentioned earlier, these devices come with the main purpose of surrounding the user with computers.

Perhaps the most notable of these is the Astro robot, which moves freely on two wheels and comes with a large screen. This robot can transport light objects such as drinks, monitor the house, or be used for video calls.

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Amazon does a lot for Ambient Intelligence

Attract robot Astro interest millions of users even those who don’t own any Amazon smart home devices. But the company didn’t just stick with this product when it comes to ambient intelligence, it’s also focused on another product, Glow.

This product allows children to participate in video calls while playing interactive games at the same time, the content of which is displayed directly above the table based on the light projection.

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As for the third product, it is the Echo Show 15 version, which acts as an integrated station for all members of the house in the form of a frame for pictures and paintings.

Speaking of ambient intelligence, these devices have undoubtedly magnified the concept, and demonstrated the extent of Amazon’s interest in this field. The company’s smart home devices are no longer less than any other smart devices with operating systems such as Windows, Android or iOS.

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It is known that all Amazon smart home devices rely on cloud processing, at a level that does not conflict with the privacy of digital users, of course, and perhaps Amazon’s systems have been integrated more than wonderfully within the new generations.

The company has been able to establish a computing system that is no less important than other operating systems. However, the user remains unable to deal with it simply because it does not appear on screens like Android and iOS, but rather runs completely in the background.

There is no doubt that all this would not have happened without the advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. All in all, the company has been able to surround the user with computers and artificial intelligence throughout the home. However, the techniques of ambient intelligence and the hidden computer in its current concept still need a great development by all companies.

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