All you need to know about the new football game UFL

Football games attract millions of players around the world. Perhaps this type of games is suitable for everyone and finds its place among the gatherings of friends. Perhaps the UFL game intends to offer a new alternative to the games we are used to.

Games like FIFA and PES have been dominating the football game rankings for more than ten years. The UFL game comes to compete with them in this category. It is a completely new soccer game.

UFL is available for all major gaming platforms. It was announced during the events Exhibition Gamescom latest. The game will offer an experience similar to what the FIFA games offer.

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UFL football game

The UFL game allows the creation of new football teams within the gaming experience. This is based on more than 5,000 professional players licensed by the game’s developer studio.

It comes from the development of Strikerz Inc. studio, which we are beginning to hear about for the first time. The studio confirmed that the game has been developing for more than five years. While the game will provide a fair gaming experience.

This means that all users will get the same benefits even those who will pay for in-game purchases. It is worth noting that the game will be completely free, in addition to that it is based on the famous game engine Unreal Engine.

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The developers of the game describe themselves as fans of the world of football. They are also trying to provide the perfect gaming experience within the new UFL game.

Also, the developers of the game have confirmed that they are aware of what football simulation game players need. The attempts of the development team to get closer to the players appeared in the official announcements.

So far there is no complete information about the game. Since we only received the official announcement of it. Besides, the developers have announced that there will be different methods for evaluating players within the game. And that the players have been licensed in association with the company InStat.

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There is no live gaming experience available yet, but the teaser for the game focused on some of the elements of the gaming experience:

There is no doubt that the classification of football games needs more competition. Especially after Konami announced changing the name of the PES game to eFootball after it became a free game. Perhaps all this news is putting a lot of pressure on FIFA, as it is the only paid game in this category at the moment.

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