All you need to know about the alternative to Google DuckDuckGo

Google search engine contributed to the arrival of the Internet to what it is now. This is due to the ease and speed of searching for anything over the network. It also brought to life millions of emerging websites by displaying them in search results.

Google offers the search service free of charge to all Internet users. However, they pay for the service with their information obtained by Google based on their searches.

Most of the time, the user is exposed to dozens of ads related to what he is searching for through the Google search engine. This is because Google tracks searches to understand users’ interests. It then makes it easier for its partners to target them with ads.

Most users accept this situation. Some even see it as being in their best interest because it helps them reach ads for the products they are interested in. However, others do not accept the idea of ​​tracking and see it as an invasion of privacy. That’s why the DuckDuckGo search engine was born.

DuckDuckGo promotes itself as the perfect alternative to Google’s search engine. This appeared in its latest promotional campaigns, which spread among users strongly. The search engine provides its services through the website, through applications for smartphones, and add-ons for browsers.

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DuckDuckGo search engine

The DuckDuckGo search engine has become very popular lately. This is due to the increasing interest of users in their privacy while surfing the Internet. The engine promises to its users not to log any data related to them. Including search history of course.

DuckDuckGo focuses on displaying search results from websites that rely on encrypted and secure communication protocols. Unlike other search engines, which display all kinds of sites within search results most of the time.

DuckDuckGo smartphone users rely on the service’s official app. It is a secure browser application, with built-in tracking and ad blocking features

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Google collects a huge amount of user data. Including the search history on all their devices, as well as their geographical location. This data is used to target users with advertisements as mentioned above. DuckDuckGo does not do that.

The advantage of the search engine itself is that it prevents users from being tracked during the tracking process. Be it via the app or via the browser.

Contrary to what some think. DuckDuckGo makes money with ads too. But it does not use targeting properties. It only shows you ads related to the keywords you are searching for. without relying on any other data.

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It can be used via smartphones either through the application, which bears the name DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, or by opening the site through the browser. The app is available for both Android And iOS.

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