All you need to know about ProMotion Technology

Apple started using ProMotion technology for the first time in iPad Pro laptops, and this technology raises the screen refresh rate to 120Hz.

There have been a lot of rumors about all versions of the iPhone since the iPhone 11, as it was saying that Apple is using this technology in the next phone.

And Apple finally decided to use ProMotion technology in iPhone 13 Pro phones, just like all the leading Android phones currently available.

However, ProMotion technology differs in the way it works from the usual screen refresh rate raising techniques used by all Android companies.

High screen refresh rate

All the screens that we use in our daily lives depend on different degrees of refresh rates for the image.

The screen refresh rate is the number of times the screen changes the image displayed in one second.

There is a strong relationship between screen refresh rate and the frame rate that appears in games and videos.

This is because the display strain of a video or game depends on the refresh rate of its output frame and the rate that the screen is able to display.

So when the game runs at 120fps refresh rate and your monitor supports that rate as well, you get a very smooth and fluid picture in motion.

This is what professional gamers rely on in competitive esports tournaments, as they rely on high refresh rate monitors.

It cannot be said that 120 Hz is the highest refresh rate you can reach today, as many phones use refresh rates of up to 185 Hz.

But these phones are mainly for gaming like the Asus RoG Phone, and there is no real use aside from games of the 185Hz refresh rate.

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ProMotion Technology

ProMotion technology differs in the way it works from other monitors with a high refresh rate, as this technology is considered compatibility.

This means that the screen refresh rate automatically goes up and down to match the type of content displayed on the screen.

So if you’re listening to a game that runs at a frame rate of 100 frames per second, the screen will automatically run at a refresh rate of 120 frames per second.

And if the game’s frame rate drops, the screen’s frame rate automatically drops to match it, with video content as an example.

ProMotion consumes more power than other high refresh rate monitor technologies, as the rate changes automatically.

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