Alice Temperley called her “disgraceful” when she started coming back

Royal Hotness designer Alice Timberley has described it as ‘disgraceful’ as she started making a comeback just months after her company went bankrupt with unpaid debts of £31m.

  • Courier company slams new Alice Temperley as ‘disgraceful’
  • Timberley London, a seamstress, had a debt of £31 million unpaid before entering management
  • Courier company ICC Global claims to owe £19,000 from the company
  • Timberley launched TMLL, which owns the trade name Timberley London

She was the Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite tailor and designed the stunning dress that led to Kate’s sister Pippa being called ‘Royal Allure’.

Alice Timberley’s glamorous midsummer parties in Somerset were the perfect opportunity for the skinny-list to showcase whimsical “boho” dresses.

But there is no whimsy in a management report revealing that her company TL 2021 – which trades as Timberley London – had £31m of outstanding debt before it entered management this year.

I left a chain of creditors – couriers, garment manufacturers, textile wholesalers, and the Selfridge Store.

Many will likely get nothing, with officials stating, “There will not be enough funds available to make the distribution to unsecured creditors.”

However, the Timberley brand is still in business after a new company was created, selling embroidered dresses and velvet suits from its Chelsea and Somerset stores and on the Timberley London website.

Alice Temperley (left) glamorous midsummer parties in Somerset were the perfect opportunity for skinny slates to flaunt her quirky “boho” gowns.

This is perfectly legal, but it left a bad taste for Jay Patel, who runs the courier company ICC Global in Hounslow. He owes more than £19,000 and is furious that he was asked to work for 2021 a week before it went down. He said: We were chasing them with money. The man at Temperley kept promising to pay. Next thing we knew he went to management.

“I would have thought they were going to have the financial numbers and the major shareholders would say, ‘We settle the debt even if we’re insolvent.'”

We never got a penny from them for all the work we did. It’s a shame.

A new company, TMLL, was created when the original Timberley Company began insolvency proceedings. TMLL owns the trade name Temperley London. The insolvent company and the new company that gave up its huge debt belong to the same umbrella company, Timberley Holdings.

External auditors warned that the company was in a difficult position. But from the outside, her credentials looked impeccable.

Temperley, 46 – who has been described as the “English Ralph Lauren” – created her brand in 2000 with ex-husband Lars von Bennigsen, with whom she has a 13-year-old son named Fox.

Her business thrived and her floating, lace-up creations attracted a celebrity crowd. She made wedding dresses for model Judy Kidd, actresses Alice Eve, Milla Jovovich, Emilia Fox, and even Ed Miliband’s wife Justin.

But she shot to fame when the Duchess of Cambridge and her sister Pippa Middleton became fans. Newly engaged Kate wore one of her monochromatic chiffon dresses at her first formal engagement to Prince William in 2010. Pippa wore an emerald green silk dress to William and Kate’s wedding, earning her the nickname “Royal Allure”.

Pippa wore an emerald green silk dress to the evening reception at William and Kate's wedding, earning her the title ¿Her Royal Hotness

Pippa wore an emerald green silk dress to the evening reception to William and Kate’s wedding, earning her the nickname “Royal Allure”

Temperley received an MBE in 2011 and was praised by fashion writers Vogue when Sarah Jessica Parker wore designer dresses at Sex And The City.

But its empire was constantly losing, and it relied on deep pockets of shareholders to keep it afloat.

Insolvency laws have stirred controversy. Professor Richard Murphy, of the University of Sheffield School of Management said: “We do not give limited liability to allow people to run companies that become insolvent at the expense of their creditors and shareholders so that they can start again with complete immunity from liability for losses. incurred.

Timberley’s CEO, Luca Donini, said the restructuring should take place to take into account the financial impact on retail from the previous year. The measures enabled the company to retain 70 percent of jobs in TL2021 as well as the majority of its suppliers.

“Timberly looks to a better trading environment in 2022.”


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