Alan Wake Remastered Review

Released for the first time in 2010 exclusively on Xbox 360 and PC, Alan Wake managed to establish its name on the scene as one of the most prominent titles of the Microsoft platform, re-introduced players to the Finnish development team Remedy Entertainment, and even laid the foundation stone for its future projects, after an absence that lasted for more than a decade. From the time promised in the form of an improved version making its way for the first time for PlayStation devices.

Alan Wake is the game that first brought the Remedy team out of the mantle of Max Payne after years of working on the series and presented two parts that marked the history of action games in an unusual way and laid the foundation for the formula that will be based on games in this genre for years to come, yet the studio disappeared from the scene for 7 years Years before he came back with an action game mixed with horror game elements, not only did you present an interesting main character that you will find yourself eagerly looking forward to learn the truth about his past, and a dramatic plot that keeps you on tiptoe for the last moments, but the studio excelled, as usual, in providing an amazing general atmosphere that helps immerse the player in The events make him appear as if he were part of the writer Alan Wake’s nightmares and interact with his psychological struggle as if he was his close friend or someone who cares about him, the same usual atmosphere that clearly appeared in the two parts of Max Payne and the third part suffered from its absence clearly after the departure of the studio and his move to work on projects different.

A small town with a calm atmosphere that helps creativity

After years of suffering, quitting writing and lack of inspiration, Alan decides to visit the quiet town of Bright Falls in the Pacific Northwest to treat his depression, with his wife, in the hope that he can clear his mind and return to writing novels again after an absence that lasted for two years. As soon as he arrives in the area, nightmares begin to attack him before he can control his nerves to be surprised that his nightmares have turned into reality after his wife suddenly disappeared from the house, for some reason, Alan’s first enemy here is darkness, and over time the writer discovers that his writings are the cause of these illogical events He embarks on a terrifying journey full of dangers in order to free his wife.

The enchanting city of Bright Falls seems the perfect destination for anyone looking for creativity. The village is located in a quiet location between the forests and mountains of Elderwood National Park, and offers its visitors stunning views and breathtaking nature, at the same time, the area seems suspiciously quiet that leaves you confused Whether it’s the calm before the storm, or all is well, Alan Wake can be taken as proof that uncommon thrillers that make players feel and make them think can live forever, the game does not look like a title released before 11 Generic in terms of narrative style, sequence of events and a scenario that gives you answers every once in a while but leaves you stuck in more questions, there is a constant sense of fear and tension thanks to the general atmosphere of the environments in which the player navigates, and the lighting that is perfectly exploited to serve the main concept of the title which played an effective role In the events of the title at the time of its first release and was excellently implemented, but now, with modern lighting technologies, ray tracing and other features, this feature may seem outdated.

There is a dark entity controlling the region, and spreading the epidemic on a large scale by controlling the local population and pushing them to get rid of the writer in all possible ways. His flashlight, which helps him to get rid of the dark control of his enemies before he can eliminate them, these confrontations provide terrifying moments and excessive tension, and the main reason is the aiming system that does not fit the games of the current period and does not provide the required accuracy, and the animation of hand-to-hand combat and acceptable given the age The title, but it would turn out to be a serious flaw if we were talking about a completely new title, add to that the rudimentary camera that does not help in any way in situations that require dealing with more than one enemy or running and escaping from a deadly chase.

The events of the game are divided into 6 episodes, each with a playing time of approximately 90 to 120 minutes, the enhanced version also comes with the bonus content released for the original game The Writer and The Signal, and I would have preferred if Alan Wake’s American Nightmare was also included in the set instead It will be released separately in the future.

Linear levels and clashes expose the life of the game!

The player makes his way through linear levels set in the dense forest surrounding Bright Falls, searching for clues about the whereabouts of his wife while eliminating enemies that have been devoured by darkness. The gameplay is mostly showdown and escape, with limited situations that are out of the ordinary by solving puzzles. that gets in the way of completing a mission that poses no difficulty, as well as you can find save points every short period of time, and although close-range clashes and shooting mechanics are not comparable to games of the current period, the improvements in the game in raising the frame rate contributed to Significantly reduced this problem, and made the clashes more streamlined even slightly compared to the original game, but it remains repetitive and usual throughout the events, especially since the designs of the enemies themselves do not change significantly, at the same time you have the ability to roam the environments available with a very limited scope, and you will find in The interview on Alan’s diary that provides interesting notes about his past, the character’s motives, his mysterious life, and publications that give you more details about this mysterious world and the truth of what is happening around you.

It is normal to notice many flaws and errors in a title that was released 11 years ago, but at the same time we cannot deny the efforts made by the Finnish development team to provide an improved version that deserves to be called by that name and not only superficial improvements that make no difference, but In contrast, as the game runs at 60 frames per second on PS5 and in 4K resolution, the studio has also worked on almost completely updating the title’s graphic assets like the “Alan” features that are similar to the latest version of it that we’ve all seen in Game Control additions, and the graphic appearance The overall overall game makes it look like it was just released, while the rest of the characters don’t get the same amount of attention, the animations look the same with an animation system that often makes you feel like you’re in front of robotic-controlled puppets and not natural characters.

On the other hand, although 3D sounds aren’t supported on the PS5, the game’s sounds are excellent and provide an immersive feel whatever situation you’re in, whether it’s Alan’s side chatting that sounds like a bedtime novel, or the loud noises in horrifying situations when you find yourself Chased by a raging storm, you don’t know how it started. The sounds intensify the situation and force you to make every effort to escape and save your life.

Being an improved version of a game released 11 years ago, Alan Wake Remastered is one of the best improved games in terms of graphical appearance with support for 60 frames per second, 4K resolution, improved and more detailed models for the main character, but it suffers from outdated animations and a lackluster lighting system It seems so powerful after all that time, primitive and repetitive clashes with enemies without any significant differences not to mention the camera that drives you crazy often, in return the story is still the same excitement and mystery, the sounds also work in a perfect way to increase the ability To immerse yourself in the experience.

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