Alan Wake Remastered Officially Announced

The day before yesterday, we mentioned in a previous news the leaks that indicated the existence of a remaster of the famous horror game Alan Wake, and today we get the official confirmation from the development team Remedy Entertainment.

where Remedy Entertainment today confirmed the Alan Wake remastered version Which will be released this fall on new and old generation devices in addition to the PC, and that Epic Games will publish the game, knowing that Epic Games is also participating in Remedy in an unannounced AAA game rumored to be Alan Wake 2.

The remaster will, of course, include the base game as well as its expansions The Signal and The Writer, and will also feature the signature of the game’s author, Sam Lake.

The Remedy Entertainment team says that the game still offers the original experience that many loved over those past years, but that it will receive significant upgrades on the graphic side, as it will run in 4K resolution and will include cinematic scenes and character improvements, including Alan Wake himself with some new generation upgrade options from household appliance.

The Alan Wake remaster will be available this fall, as we mentioned, on new and old generation devices and computers, and according to the leaks that appeared the day before yesterday, we will see them on October 5 next.

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