Alan Wake Remastered Coming in October

Over the recent months, many rumors have emerged that the famous Alan Wake horror game presented to us by Remedy Entertainment may return in the future, and there have been many leaks and reports that reinforced the validity of these rumors. But earlier this year, an ad for the Alan Wake remaster suddenly appeared in the backend of the Epic Games Store that appears to be coming soon.

Today, we get another confirmation about the existence of this remastered version, as Wario64 has spotted Alan Wake’s remastered via Rakuten Taiwan store, and that the remaster is coming for PS5, PS4 and Xbox on October 5th.

According to Windows Central, the list is real and the release date is accurate, and Alan Wake Remastered will indeed be announced very soon.

Remedy Entertainment has recently started the full production of the next major AAA game, which is being funded and will be published by Epic Games. According to leaks, this project is Alan Wake 2.

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