AI characters are causing a lot of trouble in New World

Players are complaining about another problem in New World, this time with the escalation of trouble caused by AI characters known as bots.

According to what was reported by the site PC Gamer In covering the topic, these characters appear in an exaggerated way in the players’ servers and compete to collect resources in an annoying way, and the time difference between the appearance of a character of this type is very small, according to what was observed by the YouTuber Gladd In one of his videos.

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Some players have crossed Reddit They are very annoyed by the recurrence of this problem while playing and note that they gradually appear at high levels and continue to rise making them annoying rather than balancing the experience.

There are some complaints from players that turn into funny stories from the game world despite their annoyance with them, as it seems that these Bots characters occupied all the fishing spots and remain in place for weeks of time until they can catch fish, which exposes the real player to an almost impossible competition to get on his fish.

We are waiting for an official comment from Amazon studios on the matter.

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