Agatha from WandaVision gets her own series

During the WandaVision series, which was available earlier this year, we witnessed the character “Agatha Harkness” embodied for us by actress “Catherine Hahn”, and it seems that this character will get her own series, and that it is currently in preparation at Marvel Studios.

according to For Variety ReportMarvel Studios is working on presenting a series about Agatha, starring Catherine Hahn, which will make its way to Disney +, and it is believed that he will present a black comedy experience, and that the author of the WandaVision series, Jack Schaeffer, will act as writer and executive producer for the new series. .

NSFor a report that did not reveal any other details about the series, or even its heroes besides “Catherine”, but stated that “Schiffer” had recently signed a comprehensive deal with the “Disney” company, and that it would develop more upcoming “Marvel” series for Disney +, and it is scheduled to continue This contract is for 3 years, and the WandaVision-derived series is the first project of this new deal.

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