Add documents via iPhone camera to Apple Notes

Using the iPhone’s camera, you can add, record, and manipulate the documents you want to the Apple Notes app.

You can then edit the documents, add notes to it, and paint over it directly using the Apple Notes app, and you can also share it with other Apple devices via your iCloud account.

This method works with iOS 14 as well as iOS 15, but in iOS 15 you can extract text from the image through the new feature in the system.

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Add documents via iPhone camera to the Notes app

By following these steps, you can add physical documents and book pages to a note you own through the Notes app.

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By following these steps:

Head to the Notes app and make a new note, then tap the camera icon at the bottom of the document.

And then prepare your document well and take a picture of the document through the application’s camera.

And if you use Auto mode while taking the photo, the app identifies the important part of the document and automatically inserts it into the note.

You can choose the automatic mode and then press the capture button so you can save the image directly.

After that, you find the image is automatically present in the Notes application within the new note, and you can use the image as you wish.

And if you’re using iOS 15, you can use the image text extraction feature to convert the image into text and then start editing it.

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iOS 15 New Features

iOS 15 introduced a new set of features that help users increase productivity in their work.

These updates are rolling out to all Apple devices, so you can better use the Quick Notes app with iPadOS 15.

Apple devices are also beginning to pay attention to digital health and help users focus on their work with new focus modes.

You can set up and share the new focus modes across any Apple device using your iCloud account.

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