Activate Universal Control on Mac Monterey

Apple’s new Monterey system is coming out in the coming weeks, and you can install it on all Macs supported by the system.

One of the most important new features that the system offers is the universal control feature found in the Monterey system.

This feature allows you to control more than one Mac and iPad together with a single keyboard and mouse.

It also allows you to transfer files between these devices without the need to connect them to each other or use any external application to transfer files, as you only take the file from the first device to the second device.

Apple did not allow any user to activate the Monterey trial public control feature, as they must own a final version of it.

But some developers managed to tamper with the system and activate the new feature to work with Mac devices only.

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Warnings before activating the feature

Apple has not officially released this feature yet, so the way we tell you today is not official.

You must have a backup copy of your system and device via Time Machine, so that you can restore the system in case of any damage.

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Steps to activate the feature in Monterey systems

Your device must be using the Monterey Systems Open Trial, after which you can follow these steps to activate it:

Head to the following link in GitHUb Download the file in it, and then decompress this file.

And look for a file inside it called Ensemble.plist Then move this file to the following address:


If you do not find the Domain folder inside FeatureFlags, you can create and add the new folder in it.

Then restart your device for the new changes to work and you are able to activate the feature.

When your device is back on, go to your Mac’s settings, select Display devices, and then add any other device you want to control.

This method works for 99% of people who have tried it, but it may not work for you for any different reason and because it is still experimental.

And if you are facing a problem or are unable to activate the feature by following the steps mentioned above, it is better to wait for the official launch of the feature and the system.

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