A promising Arabic game from one developer

Arab projects are growing more and more to push this great barrier between them and the mega games and remove the great differences between them, at least in terms of creativity and raw potentials among Arab societies.

In today’s impression, we are talking about a promising example of this growth from an Arab developer who allowed us to try his new game titled The Empress, so let us get to know it first before talking about her experience with it.

The Empress

The new game is a third-person action game developed by a young Syrian man, Zafer Khatib, through his studio Outer ParadiseIt gives the player four options of weapons that he can move between them whenever he wants and puts us in distinctive environments and battles with various enemies.

The Empress game appears to be one of the most successful Arab games developed with Unreal Engine 4, as I noticed as soon as I experienced it a professional presence in its industry

The combat system in the game is closer to Hack and Slash, that is, you can hit the enemies constantly and do an avoidance mechanism to avoid strikes, along with special skills that you can implement from time to time whenever you find yourself in trouble or to finish the simple battle quickly, or you can activate a special mode that changes the heroine into a huge flaming figure.

Difficulties of development in the midst of crises

The developer’s journey in making this game was not one of the development challenges you would expect, but the developer spent two years of independent personal effort building the game.

The developer said that he made a lot of effort, despite the difficult conditions in which he lived, from the absence of an appropriate budget and the absence of normal conditions, even to develop the game.

The developer is now looking into the hope of finding the right publisher to support his game and make it available for purchase to the largest segment of gamers.

Our experience of her

The Empress game seems to be one of the most successful Arab games developed with Unreal Engine 4, as I noticed as soon as I experienced it a professional presence in the manufacture of character movements and the mechanism of fighting with enemies.

The demo I tried was only a small dose of the full game and this dose was surrounded by expected technical bugs and frame rate drops but overall it wasn’t much of a barrier to me seeing the scale and quality that a project like this could achieve.

Even amid the errors in the demo, I was nevertheless able to enjoy the fighting mechanism, the somewhat smooth control of the character, the vision of the environments that the developer worked hard to develop, and the professional design of sounds and music.

In fact, what impressed me the most was not only the fun of fighting, but the design of the areas and the technical theme used in its design, which the developer told me was inspired by the ancient Syrian civilizations after he was initially inspired by the idea of ​​the game from the Prince of Persia games.

In the demo that I tried, I could not see the events of the story or its own cinematic scenes, but the developer told me that it is a story in a mythical world based on the myths of ancient Middle Eastern / Syrian civilizations. Facing a lot of enemies and skipping tracks of challenges.

At the top, we put some pictures and the official video of the game for you to get to know it more and support it if you like it.

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