A new, more powerful Xbox Series S will be launched at a more expensive price

An interesting rumor was issued by the media such as Videocardz And Gamingbolt It claims that Microsoft is interested in releasing a new version of the Xbox Series S.

Apparently, this new version will have better specifications than the current one, provide better frame rates and higher graphics resolution, and will be equipped with the latest AMD Zen chip with a 6 nm design, which will allow the device to fully exploit the processing or computing units (24) inside it (the current device He can only activate 20 of them).

It is natural for this new version to be more expensive than the current one, but it is interesting what the media rumors claim that the sale of the current Series S has not been discontinued, but that both will be available together in the market.

The rumors also go so far as to claim that Microsoft will release a new Xbox Series X with even more powerful specifications in 2023.

So far, there is no official source confirming this information.

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