A League of Legends Story

Two new games were born from League of Legends, the first of which is Hextech Mayhem, which we previously touched upon, and now Ruined Kng, which we are putting under the microscope today.

This other one bears the name A League of Legends Story as well, and in this name, the content of the story and direction of the game mixed with a role-playing system, and that may make things clear from the beginning and the target audience of a title like this, but you may be interested in the fact that it is a fun experience even for those who skip LOL in All his play activities.

Beautiful events in a bleak world

The story of the game is characterized by many qualities, sometimes interesting and exciting and at other times expected and not surprising, and among most of these qualities there is an excellent writing that takes care of this virtual world and we got to know the LOL characters beautifully while they are on an adventure that brings them together against one enemy. They will face many challenges and a few plots twisted before reaching it.

Without a doubt, this story is satisfying for LOL fans and one of the most positive things for them, and even for other players this title can be considered a good introduction to this virtual world although they may not care much about what is happening or feel motivated to follow since for them the story will be among the good and medium.

In order to save the world you have to do a lot of missions and you will notice that the story begins with one character and then moves to another character and continues in this state for a short period until all the characters’ stories are linked together in one direction and that may help you a little bit to follow the course of events and interest (LOL audience will be happy probably in this direction) and there is enough depth to the story of each of the heroes in the story which is another major positive point of the game as it pleases the veteran player with this virtual world and the new player.

Although the game didn’t have a big budget and followed simple cinematography to tell the story and static script scenes like Japanese RPGs (sometimes this really isn’t the ideal idea for a character chat show), the good writing and beautiful art of the cinematic scenes will make up for it, Personally, I enjoyed the cinematic scenes despite their technical simplicity, and I liked the heroes’ comments during the battles and the side dialogues that you can hear between them during the break – they help express their own selves – and I did not find that an obstacle between me and the fun, but this may not be the story of those who care a lot about huge games and what they produce of high quality scenes.

Most of these main quests are good and fun, but some of them tend to get boring and repetitive and make the action “stretched” unnecessarily. Fortunately, you will not only be doing main quests but also having side quests to enjoy that respect the artistic theme of the game world and invent side stories Out of this world, but few of them stand out as distinct missions and most of them are expected or feel like you’ve experienced in previous RPG games.

Perhaps because the game seems limited at times, although we respect its average price of $30, which is very acceptable for the fun it offers, but the sacrifices appear when you see that some of the dialogues and events are devoid of audio performance, which reduces the player’s attraction towards it, and although the writing was as good as It was mentioned previously most of the time, but it suffers from some smudges here and there, most notably the speeding up of events related to the cooperation of some heroes with each other despite the lack of any trust between them.

Fortunately, you will enjoy the beauty of the world while performing any task. There is an excellent and attractive artistic theme in this game that makes you look around to see its beautiful artistic design, and perhaps the camera perspective helps give you that special feeling while wandering, and it is good that the game also rewards exploration in a way Big by giving you a lot of loot that includes what you need in the game from magical items for healing and more, fighting equipment and armor.

It is necessary to take into account that you may feel bored after exploring a section of the game, although the degree of diversity in the design of the environments is good, but the gloom that overwhelms 90% of the game’s environments will make them look similar and thus may lose the motivation to explore after a period of playing, especially since The mechanics of fast travel are limited and confusing at first, and later on, walking around on your feet for an extended period of time may feel slow, heavy, and not very enjoyable.

Attractive role-playing for everyone!

The whole idea of ​​the gameplay is centered around the turn-based system which in short is the opposite of the action combat system where you have the freedom to act yourself during the gameplay and instead you get a touch of strategy and planning factors while fighting the enemies you are forced to think carefully about your role and protect yourself from the role of the enemies and what they might do From attack or magic tricks.

The gameplay is very high quality in this game and I had a lot of fun trying it although I am not a big fan of this style which I find evidence of the superiority of this game in being an excellent introduction to RPG beginners and thinking of trying it.

As the experience here is simple and complex at the same time, it is always fun and satisfied when the heroes perform the movements and becomes more enjoyable when performing their supernatural movements. It starts with you with the simplest ideas and allows you to perform quick attacks with the click of a button. You will also learn the gameplay and find yourself professional enough to deal with them even when the game becomes more difficult.

The role-playing system is in high quality in Ruined Kng and I had a lot of fun trying it even though I’m not a big fan of this mode which I find proof of the game’s superiority in being an excellent introduction to RPG beginners and thinking about giving it a try.

The game has a good and satisfying variety in terms of enemies and their AI, sometimes you might find some enemies that are too strong and you don’t understand why (maybe because I didn’t spend enough time upgrading heroes and rushed into the main missions) but it’s rare cases and the gradual strength of enemies is balanced In most cases, this also translates to having several enjoyable battles with bosses who have more health and at the same time have more attacks and shrewdness.

It is natural in the idea of ​​this game to fall into the problem of extreme repetition, and the only solution that the developer has found is to give the player a large bouquet of diverse skills and a good number of heroes who have different skills and a skill tree that opens up more abilities and skills gradually while playing, that is, through this point, you will You find some refreshing feeling while playing because more new things in the game come out to your hands, and in any case if this solution is satisfactory for you, you will not suffer from the feeling of repetition, but if you feel from reading the review that they are not enough solutions, then I was ready to feel some boredom ( Especially if you don’t gravitate towards the story) especially as it is a long game that needs an average of about 12 hours for the main missions only.

The skill tree is very simple, but at least that makes it understandable, it does not depend on giving the hero certain abilities as much as it depends on the skills that the hero possesses and then open a sub-tree for each skill and develop it as you want by choosing one of two options at a time, and the number of fighters is in your hands They are a maximum of three out of six, so you can choose from these six what you find suitable for the next battle or simply what you feel is the best and most interesting.

If you get bored of it, you have the opportunity to introduce magical effects to your weapons and equipment so that matches will be of a different taste, and you can also collect equipment through exploration or through shops and completing side quests.

Although I spoke confidently about the quality of the gameplay system in this title, I note at the same time that despite its simplicity at the beginning, it remains confusing and requires some patience for the new player, in addition to that I wished to control more than three heroes on the battlefield, or at least if there were Certain games allow this and show more innovation from the developer.

The game contains other activities in addition to what was mentioned above, but it did not succeed in it much. The fishing activity is strange and unpleasant. Although it rewards your singing, it is valuable, but it is boring and does not increase the quality of the game. There are also some traps that appear from time to time, but they are very simple and do not place More fun is at your fingertips, you also have some little puzzles to do while playing even the main missions which are also disappointing and you may feel they are there to increase the richness or fill a potential void nothing more.

Beautiful designs amid technical errors

The beautiful world that we talked about above is in fact characterized by the beautiful graphic design of the game, where the design mixes an artistic idea with taking care of the small details of the areas you explore, and you will enjoy the beautiful effects that appear when executing the various combat movements and animated scenes of a distinctive artistic nature as mentioned previously.

Most of the other graphic effects appear acceptable, but not optimal compared to similar titles, water and fire and other such effects do not appear with high graphical strengths, but rather in a modest way that I think is satisfactory because it overlaps with the artistic design well.

You have in the game an excellent voiceover from the voice cast that will be instantly remembered by LOL fans and will be enjoyed by any player who appreciates this aspect of gaming, and there are also musicals that I like a lot and feel like a cross between The Witcher 3 and Assassin’s Creed Black Flag.

Finally, I will talk about the technical performance of the game. Currently, there are annoying technical errors that affected my experience, and unfortunately I will have to lower the rating because of them, as I suffered a lot from the problem of the black screen that appears frozen when playing the game and I made sure that it is a common problem among many players and it seems related The movie scenes stopped working properly, and the second very annoying problem is the disappearance of the texts from the user interface, meaning that you will not be able to communicate with the characters normally or even do buying and selling and reading the required tasks, and on one occasion a design defect appeared, which is the overlap of the shape of the characters during scenes Conversation: One character completely covered the other when her determination to be the speaker was highlighted.

This game brings us an enjoyable experience for everyone who loves the LOL world and enjoys role-playing games, this system is excellent and is a good start for beginners, the game may suffer from some repetition, however, in the design of its areas and during exploration or even when fighting enemies, you will not pay a large amount of money to get it Expect some sacrifices in the lack of a comprehensive vocal performance and classic dialogue scenes between the characters, and most of all there are major technical errors at the moment that need to be addressed quickly.

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