A billionaire wants to build a new city in the American desert reminiscent of Rapture

A billionaire has decided to team up with Marc Lore, a former Walmart executive, to build a mega-city in America that will cost $400 billion to build.

The new city plans to be a modern city under the title of Telosa that will allow its residents to reach anywhere they want within it in just 15 minutes and will have a modern look and a huge Equitism Tower that will serve as the main center of the city.

It is also planned to make it a nature-friendly city through the use of sustainable energy, and when fully built, its area will reach approximately 605 square kilometers.

When it reaches this huge area, it will support 5 million people, but it seems that this stage of construction will not be reached before 40 years from now, as the first construction phase will require between 10 and 20 years, during which the city will be able to support one million people.

Some people believe that the idea of ​​the new city awakens some memories of the famous Rapture city from BioShock games, which was a modern city under the water, although the builders of the new American city do not want to make it a utopia of the future but only focus on what is possible.

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