75 coal miners trapped after explosion in Russia

Rescue operation underway after explosion leaves up to 75 coal miners underground in Russia

  • An underground explosion hit 820 feet at the Listvyazhnaya coal mine in Siberia
  • The explosion caused fires to ignite through ventilation holes as part of the mine
  • 40 miners were rescued, and at least one – aged 23 – died.
  • It is believed that another 75 are trapped underground due to a communication outage

A major rescue operation is underway in Siberia today amid reports that 75 coal miners are trapped underground after an explosion and fire.

Interfax news agency reported that contact with the missing workers was lost.

A large explosion occurred at a depth of 250 meters – 820 feet – at the Listvyazhnaya coal mine in Russia’s Kemerovo region.

At least one miner was reported to have died, aged 23.

Forty rescued workers suffered from smoke inhalation and were undergoing treatment.

At least five of them were in a “serious” condition.

Interfax said an explosion occurred in the mine, which caused the state of emergency.

It was said that the fire was burning in a ventilation tunnel.

The Interfax report stated that the cause of the explosion was “equipment failure” or “natural causes”.

According to multiple reports, a major operation was underway in subzero temperatures to rescue the trapped miners.

Amid confusion over the numbers, other reports said 236 people had been evacuated, meaning 51 did not know their fate.

The Russian Investigative Committee indicated that 45 are missing.

The MASH news agency, which showed pictures from the scene of the accident, was updated to comply with the Interfax report that 75 people remained trapped inside the mine.

“According to preliminary data, there were no bodily injuries,” a local source said in an emergency as the first victims emerged from the mine.

They inhaled (smoke) as a result of the explosion.”

According to the Russian technological watchdog, an explosion occurred in the air duct in the mine.

An was launched by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Kemerovo Region.

Listvyazhnaya is part of SDS-Ugol, one of the largest coal mining companies in Russia.


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