3 reasons why Windows 11 is better than Windows 10

Microsoft promises that the upcoming version of the Windows 11 operating system is better in terms of performance and resource consumption than the previous one.

The company is touting improvements in almost every sector, for example saying that the new system is 25 percent faster at boot compared to the previous version.

Why is Windows 11 faster than Windows 10

Windows 11 allocates resources intelligently

Microsoft has modified its resource allocation algorithms in Windows 11 to prioritize front-end processes.

This means that apps open faster and the apps you already use continue to work without delay.

The company states that with devices that meet the minimum requirements, apps work better than Windows 10’s equivalent.

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Keep RAM active

According One of the company’s YouTube channels The speed of booting the new system compared to the version of Windows 10, is due to the fact that the new system maintains active RAM. When you put the computer to sleep, it turns off all other components except for the RAM.

As a result, when you turn on the computer again, it boots up faster because the RAM does not need to be restarted again.

Turn on sleep tabs by default

The manually enabled Microsoft Edge sleep tabs feature saves background resource usage. This is done by putting inactive tabs in sleep mode. Which remains open but does not actively use computer resources.

As a result, instead of activating it manually, the company is activating it by default in the upcoming Windows 11 system. According to the company, putting tabs in sleep mode uses 32 to 37 percent less memory than CPU resources.

This will improve the performance of computers that are upgrading to the new operating system version, and this matter contributes greatly to not consuming the battery of laptops.

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