Biden hired woke think tank to come up with ‘ultra MAGA’ slur he’s now using to target GOP

Woke think tank spend SIX MONTHS coming up with ‘ultra MAGA’ slur Biden is now using to target GOP – even though former spokeswoman Jen Psaki claims president created it himself

  • Biden’s use of the term ‘ultra-MAGA’ followed six months of research, reports show
  • That comes despite his former press secretary Jen Psaki last week insisting the president had coined the phrase himself
  • It appears to have backfired, and has already been adopted affectionately by the very Republicans its meant to insult
  • Ultra-Maga merchandise including t-shirts and baseball caps are available 

Joe Biden’s new catchphrase ‘ultra-MAGA’ was dreamt up by a woke think-tank who spent six months coining the phrase – despite claims the president himself came up with it.

The revelation, first reported by the Washington Post, contradicts claims from ex-Secretary Jen Psaki that the president came up with the phrase, which reportedly was the culmination a campaign to find ways to target Republican voters.

According to the Post, staffers at the liberal Center for American Progress Action Fund toiled for six months to find ways to gain a foothold in the November elections – with the now often-uttered phrase being the culmination of their efforts.

The group is headed by top Biden aide Anita Dunn, who returned to the White House this month as senior adviser after resigning from the same position back in August.

The phrase, a reference to former President Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign slogan, was first uttered by Biden last week, during a speech in which he panned the GOP and what he called radical positions from Republican candidates. 

Joe Biden hired a think-tank who spent six months coming up with his new catchphrase ‘ultra-MAGA,’ it has been revealed 

Biden aide Anita Hill's Center for American Progress Action Fund toiled to come up with the phrase, which has already been co-opted by the very Republicans it is meant to attack

Biden aide Anita Hill’s Center for American Progress Action Fund toiled to come up with the phrase, which has already been co-opted by the very Republicans it is meant to attack

Outlining a plan to tackle the worst inflation in 40 years, Biden attacked his opponents’ alternative, saying: ‘The other path is the ultra-MAGA plan put forward by congressional Republicans to raise taxes on working families.’ 

He also dismissed Florida Senator Rick Scott has having an ‘ultra-MAGA agenda.’  

The president has since repeated the remark during appearances at the White House and across the country.

 Psaki – who left her post as the president’s Press Secretary this week, citing that she wants to focus on raising her two young children – claiming it was ‘the president’s phrase,’ even saying Biden came up with the ‘ultra’ epithet for ‘a little extra pop.’

However, the slogan, intended to slander Republicans by tying their political motives to the previous, has instead backfired – with the right largely embracing the new moniker.

That has sparked recollections of Hillary Clinton’s infamous 2016 remark dismissing election rival Donald Trump’s supporters as ‘a basket of deplorables.’

Recently-departed former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed the phrase had been dreamt up by Biden himself

Recently-departed former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed the phrase had been dreamt up by Biden himself 

Merchandise bearing the phrase ULTRA-MAGA has also been put into production, meaning GOP members can now buy t-shirts or hats with the slogan.  

Clinton’s utterance saw her dismissed as snobbish and out-of-touch. ‘Deplorable’ became a term of affection among right-wing Trump supporters, and her utterance is even credited with helping her lose what appeared to be a dead-cert White House run. 

Ultra-MAGA was devised thanks to polling from Hart Research which claimed the phrase MAGA was negatively viewed by centrist American voters who aren’t tied to the Democrats or Republicans. 

They also discovered the word MAGA was viewed more negatively by swing voters than other alternatives, such as ‘Trump Republicans.

The Post discovered that in battleground areas, twice as many voters said they’d be less likely to opt for a candidate calling themselves a ‘MAGA Republican’ than more likely to select them.

Ultra Maga t-shirt

Ultra-Maga baseball cap

Republicans are so enamored with the new catchphrase that they’ve already taken to printing it on t-shirts and baseball caps 

Hart also found that the phrase MAGA was heavily associated with perceptions of the GOP as being more extreme and power-hungry since 106.

Navin Nayak, from the CAP Action Fund, told the Post: ‘All of that extremism gets captured in that brand.’

He said that the ‘versatile epithet’ could be deployed while blasting the GOP on a range of issues, then added: ‘We are not trying to create a new word. This is how they define themselves.’

But conservatives are unimpressed, and says it shows further evidence of how out of touch the Democrat party remains with many American voters.

 Ex Trump aide Stephen Miller tweeted: ‘Maybe it would have been better if Democrats had instead spent those six months preventing American children from going hungry because we are out of formula.’

And journalist Drew Holden wrote: ‘If this took Biden 6 months it’s no surprise the Afghanistan withdrawal went as it did.’


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